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Welcome to the ATF BONUS POINTS program!

This help ticket system offers you an opportunity to get bonus points that will help to list your site above others on our directory at   (updated April 12, 2004)

The program is simple:  (visual example at the bottom of this screen)
1. You spend from a few minutes a day or more answering questions from clients and vendors
2. Take the "help tickets" that you can answer and leave the others for other helpers to assist on.
3. Every time you answer a ticket, you put the time that you spent into the ticket.
4. Every month we add up the ticket amounts and award bonus points to your advertising on our site!
Based on the # of minutes a formula will translate to the # of points to raise your site higher that month.
If your site gets to the top with less minutes than you have worked, then the rest is paid out as independent help pay (1099 based pay) in a check to you!
For example: One month a vendor worked 150 minutes and he was in 2nd place on our site, we raised him to #1 spot in his category of products, then we issued a check to him for the rest of the points.  
5. Points do not last forever so if you do not monthly make a certain # of points you may drop down a bit from the listing you were at.  You need to work monthly to keep the points up and keep your site up to the top.
6. If you prefer not to work for points and want a check only, then let us know as we do hire a few people on a check basis only.

We are also going to hire a 1-2 people for part-time pay to work independently to verify leads and assist with the departments at the bottom of this page.  You would have flexible hours and do the work on a project by project basis (not an employee).  If you do not want to work for bonus points and want us to hire your company to help us on a part-time basis then let us know in your application to us.

You are not an employee of All Time Favorites under this program.
You can take as many or as few tickets whenever you want. 
You can stop and start again on this program with a simple notice to All Time Favorites.
You can work on them when you want, and for the most part, and how you want as long as the person gets a satisfactory, prompt answer to their question.  The person you are helping then can rate your services and open/close their tickets as needed.   If you find you don't know the answer to a question, then you can "escalate the ticket" to a higher help person or just release it back to the general queue for another rep to finish the ticket.

What you can't do on this program:
You can not solicit your own services while you are helping clients/vendors on the system.
You can not share any data from the help ticket system with anyone outside of the 
      ATF help ticket system (you can't give leads to your friends or associates).

What to do next to get on this program:
with the departments (by number) you are interested in helping below,
along with a password you wish to use with the help system,
and your name, phone #, vendor ID# if you know it 
In the subject of the email please put BONUS POINTS PROGRAM or HELP TICKET PROGRAM
(optional) If you do not want to work for bonus points and want us to hire your company to help us on a part-time basis then let us know in your application to us that you are interested in being paid to provide help services.
Brian will contact you back to talk about getting started.

Current Help Departments  
(click on the Real Audio or Windows Media links for more detailed audio descriptions)

Dept #2
- New Vendors who are having questions about signing up on the system.   
                 Real Audio | Windows Media            
Dept #3 - Vendors that are already on the system who need help changing categories and similar.
                 Real Audio | Windows Media            
Dept #5 - Clients that need help putting their event request into our "request a quote from vendors" system.
                 Real Audio | Windows Media            
Dept #6 - Clients who already put a request into the system and need to make changes or need help with more  
                 Real Audio | Windows Media            
Dept #7 - Clients who fail to confirm their request by email and need a phone call to confirm their event request.
                This ONLY works well when you have an "unlimited long-distance telephone plan".
                 Real Audio | Windows Media            
Dept #8 - ATF needs your help to find more vendors for a certain client to fill their event needs.
                Example: You would be helping us find more caterers (using the web) in Atlanta, Georgia 
                for a client.  After you get the new vendor email addresses from their websites, then you can 
                forward them to a special web page on our site that will alert the vendors of possible 
                business from us.
                 Real Audio | Windows Media            
Dept #9 - Reviewing client requests and adding/fixing the categories they requested to the proper ones.
                Example: If a client just requests a bunch of details in the "other requests box" on our form, you 
                can go in and add the categories for those items within a few minutes to their request and then
                they get the proper response.
                Real Audio | Windows Media
An example of how it works visually:

Take a ticket from a list of open tickets on our website as shown in the image below:

This is an example (NOT A CLICKABLE FORM)

Just click TAKE THIS TICKET button and then you are able to work on the ticket like below

- View/Edit Ticket -

TEST CUSTOMER 555-1212 email:testclient@earthlink.blahcom
Request is OPEN (still being worked on)
To close the ticket click the correct box at the bottom of this form

 Complete notes on this ticket # 1

Your notes to the client:

Un-check this box if you do not want the above notes emailed to the client.
IT WILL be put in the notes section of this ticket and the client is able to READ them.

Minutes to add to this ticket (required)

Close this ticket as these suggestions should help the client. (client can re-open if needed)
Close this ticket as the client never responded back.
Remove yourself from this ticket and put it back for others to help on
Re-OPEN ticket if this ticket was already closed

Escalation: If you feel this ticket is beyond level 1 technicians to deal with then please escalate this ticket below
Escalate this to a level 2 support technician as this is more than a basic level request.
Escalate this to a level 3 support technician as this requires the highest level of technical support.

  Click update ticket when done typing your reply to the vendor or client

More options and pre-written time-saving responses are below:
Click a box below will ADD the pre-written response along with your message to the ticket
How to get listed as a vendor at All Time Favorites View Details

Below this will be tips on how to handle popular questions as they come up.

You can review open tickets at any time and "close" tickets that are completed along with put a ticket BACK into the open tickets queue for someone else if needed.

ATF Bonus Points 2004 All Time Favorites, Inc.