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After a year as a service vendor, we are truly pleased with the constant flow of leads which gives us two opportunities to present our rhyming service information to a range of event types. But best of all is the prompt technical help, delivered with a degree of personalization rarely found on other customer relations systems. AlltimeFavorites is the place to be.
Dan Scherer/Felicia Reymont   January 2004

It's me again Margaret! (just a little country humor from Ray Stevens) Yes, yet another promising lead from "ALL TIME FAVORITES". Prior to coming on board with ATF, I was listing my company with a competitor of yours. WOW!! What a difference you have made in our ability to book events. as a matter of fact I referred you to a four vendors in springfield, Illinois tonight. Here is their info....[info ommited] - Reggie 

Hello! I just wanted to say that I LOVE the website. I haven't gotten any leads sold, but I do have 3 leads pending with clients that were referred from you. As soon as I nail them down I will be sure to forward commissions to you! Thanks VERY MUCH!!! - Veronica Horton / Behind The Scenes Inc 

All Time Favorites is THE place to go to get EVERYTHING for ANYTHING!! I highly recommend anyone choose them when putting on any type of event. Easy, Fast, Reliable, what more do you need?
Tony Pokrzewinski - Sounds For Humanity/Fallen Entertainment/Pariah Promotions

"All Time Favorites is a phenomenal resource for anyone seeking quality vendors for any type of event, and a phenomenal resource for vendors to receive quality leads consistantly.  The organization of the website and liason with both client and vendor is unmatched. All in all this has to be the top resource on the internet today!"
Kevin Colangelo - CEO - Kevin Colangelo Premier Disc Jockeys(TM) Nationwide

"The time and effort you and your staff put in to help make my marketing of Texas Mobile DJ successful and competitive is Awesome I don't know of anyone else who does what you do with as much enthusiasm and dedication! You are the inspiration that keeps me wanting to go after the leads and inquires with a vengence!! Keep up the great work!
In my opinion, to be successful in the DJ Entertainment Industry, 
All Time Favorites must be part of the equation.
Much thanks and respect to Brian and his staff . Thanks again Alan Jaye Texas Mobile Dj Pro Dj Service

"We appreciate all the work you are doing to supply us with leads and support. 
We answer every lead you have provided, and are looking forward 
to our first payable commissioned job!"-- Just Magnificent Limo Jeanette and Marty

" ATF has proven to be very professional in their approach to providing qualified leads to 
entertainment industry. Thank you for all the help. " -- Reggie A A DJ Productions

"You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate your service. I'm in the process of booking some shows from your referrals. I hope that you will be able to forward me more in the future as this is a GREAT service!" - Bill Welling

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"Here's a terrific site for planners to search for vendors or vendors to
list your services free. It is fast becoming the 
best planning search on the net. "
Posted to over 500 event planners/clients/vendors in a newsletter from
Patty Sachs and Phyllis Cambria, authors of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Throwing a Great Party
offer free party and event planning advice, total party plans and resources on their site.

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