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Frequently Asked Question
Why would our system deny you access to a lead even though you advertise with us?

Our referral system runs TWO systems at the same time.

ONE: You can have all the categories (caterer, photographer, planner) that you want in as many cities as you want.  These are basic listings and if you do not advertise in these categories/cities then you will be only able to see the leads coming in and may be denied the lead if you try to request the details.  There is a benefit to replying to them: IF there is a lack of advertisers response to that customer account, then the first few basic listing vendors that respond to the lead, may be sent the client details after 72 hours from lead creation date just to make sure the client has ample selection.

TWO: You can be an advertiser on the system and we put a link to you from us in the categories and cities that you advertise within.  

WHY did you not get the client details?  
How to check the system for errors before emailing for help.

First, read the rejection email for:
1. The areas the client was looking for vendors within
2. The categories they selected for products/services
1. Compare with the areas you advertise within and cities you are advertising in
    If they match, then forward the entire email to  with a subject line "Why did I not get the client details" or similar
2. If the client selections do NOT match your advertising areas then the system is working fine as you are not an advertiser in those areas.

Note: Just because you pay for advertising does not guarantee you all leads in all categories. You only get the leads within the categories and cities you advertise within.  
To request your entire list of categories visit this link here.

Note: If you still believe you are denied a lead and you advertise in that city/category, please alert us by emailing the complete rejection email to  for prompt review.

If you still have difficulty understanding the two systems above and how they interact, 
or you are new to computers, we suggest (nicely) to please consult with another person with more computer experience in your office before contacting us

Thank you.