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What is your advertising terms of service agreement contain?  | Answer

How much does advertising on this website cost? (answer is below)

Between $1.00 and $3.00 per month per product/service category PER CITY
Plus commissions on sales (Commission amount is up to you and most people send 5-15% of the selling price)  The more commissions you send the higher up you are on our website listings.  Commissions are required but the amount is up to you.

Discounts apply for most orders over $50/month.

DJ in 5 cities (small towns) approx. $5-10/month
DJ in 5 cities (1 is a large metro New York City) $20/month

Caterer in 1 large metro city $10/month

Photographer covering the entire country $80/month (all cities/states)

Tent Rentals covering 3 states ($35/month)

Above are only examples of the costs.
EXACT rates can be requested from our advertising department contact us here page