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Link to us today and get bonus points for your listing on our website!
Here is what you get by linking to us:
If you are an advertiser who pays us for an enhanced listing (more info) then your link will be ABOVE those that do not link back to us in your monthly price-range.
2. If you are just using our free trial membership, you will get a BOLD company name and sales pitch listing rather than just the basic company name listing and no sales pitch listed.  Bold listings are subject to availability and we only list up to 50 per page.

We do check for links from you to us monthly and if you remove links to us, we will remove the bonus points and bold listing. 

Note: It takes 1-15 days before our server will reflect any changes after you notify us that you have linked to us.

Not all links to us are approved and we will notify you if we don't want our link on your site for some rare reason.   Your bonus points also apply immediately to receiving client leads through the email referral system and you may get a few more leads than before.   

HOW TO LET US KNOW when you have linked to us
Log-in to your vendor account here  and look for the Link to us for bonus points section.

We appreciate the linking to us! It gives you a listing higher on our website OVER those that don't link to us!

Vendors, it really helps your rating with us and you will get priority preferences by adding a link to us.


Try to place one link on one page and another link on another of your pages if you can.

Please link to any of the MAIN categories on our home page (like caterers, photographers, DJs, or our main home page if you like.

You can COPY our logo to your website if you like but please do not link to it. (logo is farther down this page)

Please TEST the links after you put them on your site to make sure they work.

If you don't know how to set links on your web page, just fill in a request for help here
and we will update your website for you (for FREE in most cases).

Examples: (please do NOT copy these word-for-word)

When linking to our home page try to create a sentence that uses a few of our 
category listings shown on the
home page

Click here for more event planning resources like caterers, photographers and DJs for your special event.
Please DO NOT use the exact line above. Write your own sentence and link to our index.html page

If you are linking to our DJ page then some examples are:
If you are looking for a DJ for your event click here   (then link to our DJ page as shown on our home page)
           For quality disc jockeys click on this link

As for caterers, photographers, bands, event planning experts you can link to those pages by using 
one of those words in the text link to that page.

For caterers, make sure you use cater or catering or caterers in the link to our caterers page.
For photographers, make sure you use photographer or photography in your link text to us.

QUESTIONS on what to say?  fill out our on-line request form for help and ideas

COPY the above logo but do not link to it.
The above logo is found at


HOW TO LET US KNOW when you have linked to us
Log-in to your vendor account here  and look for the Link to us for bonus points section.

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