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How to add a new category of products/services to your current vendor account

Print these for easy reference.

1. Log-in here to your vendor account  (if you forgot your password or ID# then look at the link at the bottom of the above login page and request it via email)

2. After you log into your account, choose option 2a (add new categories)

3. Then option 2 (add new category)

4. Select the cities you provide this product/service to

5. Click the continue button on the page after selecting the cities

6. Then you will come to a screen that asks for category.  Since we have over 900 categories you need to search our database for the categories you want. 
Example: If you are a magician, type in the word magic to list all categories with magic in them
Example: If you do catering, type cater
Example: If you do audio visual rentals, type av or audio or video
You get the idea!

7. Add the categories to your shopping list

8. Read the instructions and add your sales pitch and you are done.

9. Most categories are not automatic and need a day or two to become approved and active on the site.

For more technical help please put in a help request ticket here

Thank you!