Latest News and Bug Fixes / Enhancements to the directory and lead referral system
THANK YOU to the many suggestions from vendors to make this system better EVERY DAY!
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01-13-2004 Added Beach Wedding Locations as a new venue-hall-facility location.  

01-12-2004 Updated the vendor log-in section.  You can now filter all your categories by a search box and then make changes to all those categories at the same time or just pick a single category to change a specific sales pitch, URL and Name of Service for that item. 

01-06-2004 1PM CT Added additional outbound mail server to handle the thousands of outbound emails to vendors daily. Hopefully this will lessen the load on the main web server where clients are viewing vendors.

01-05-2004 Added a new Pentium 4 server to our server group. 
This will be used for load balancing during heavy main server activity.  The domain name is and will serve as a backup in case of complete failure of the main server and for very fast service when clients are filling out our form to request services, the server won't have to be serving thousands of pages to surfers at the same time.
Added staff to monitor security/hacking attempts and other exploits on the new server 24/7.

01-01-2004 Added new format to the Live Bands Section
and a few new band categories.
New Option to change the URL for a specific category. 
This is good for when you want a client to click on a link from our site to your website and have it go to a specific URL instead of your main home page.  Custom URLs or website links are only allowed on pages within your current website or another website you own. Example: if you are an entertainment agency and you want your stage-show hypnotist page to go to only your hypnotist web page, then this is the option you want to use.  Find it after you log-in and look for change sales pitch for specific categories matching a certain word AND change URL at the same time.

12-31-2003 Added ability for vendors to specify a "stage name" or product name for a specific category in their listings.
Example: An entertainment company  can now list a different stage name 
under their magician page like "Arrow the Magician" instead of the company name ABCD Entertainment.
New format for facilities categories
under halls,venues section
Added Hummer, Humvee Limo
to transportation categories

12-30-2003 New format for category:
New categories:

Transportation - Car-rentals
Photography - Portrait Photographer and Portrait Studio

12-21-2003 New format for the following categories: (over 3,000 new pages created!)
Added Videographer to the new database style format
Speakers page updated

11-20-2003 Adding new items to the rentals and speakers categories

New category lookalikes - impersonators is now #1 on many search engines for Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Sinatra and others!

We now use cookies to save customer request information for future visits and easier quote requests to vendors from our email buttons and links on our search results pages.

We are now working on the new vendor password-protected login system
Changes include the ability to change your password from our system set password to your own password, 
change in real time the cities you provide services within, real-time update of your sales pitch on the web, you can easily add new categories and delete categories with this new system. Many more functions are coming very soon.  We will work on the new advertising section soon to be just as easy.

09-26-2003 When the client picks corporate, wedding or private planner, they also choose if they are interested in general information OR if they are interested in ONLY hiring a planner.  If ONLY a planner then it ONLY goes out to planners and not local vendors of other types (like it used to before today).  The client can select PLANNER ONLY or general information about planners (in the latter, it will go to other vendors)

09-22-2003 #1 on Google again!

Coming soon...
Family Acts categories
new Children's Party Entertainers category

08-30-2003 Change listing of states when a client is searching for a caterer, photographer or DJ and similar listings so that the states come up left to right and not top down.  This way clients do not have to scroll to click on the state of their choice.  We'll see how they like it.

The lead referral system should now email the client name/phone # and event details for leads that are over 72 hours from creation date where a minimal number of advertisers have responded.  This will give clients a better selection in case most of the advertisers are booked for a specific date.  Leads are given out to a maximum of 5 per category per client and based on the FIRST VENDORS to respond to the lead originally.
Advice: Respond "yes" to the leads you want quickly and you will get more of these leads.

Due to client feedback, we have added a new CLIENT SORTING OPTION on the search results for all service categories with /local/ in the URL (which is from our new database format)
" SORT BY: National vendors first, then local vendors | click to sort by LOCAL vendors first
Nationwide vendors work well when you want consistent quality in multiple locations, for brand-building, or a company that has national event experience."
We may add more search filter options like years in business or minimum price low to high based on client feedback.

July 29, 2003 7 PM CT  
A new confirmation system requiring clients to CHECK their email and confirm their event request
BEFORE the leads are sent to the vendors.  
This is to stop the increasing # of false email addresses from wasting vendors time.
We are working on trying to catch bogus phone #'s also.

July 12, 2003 Added KJ-Karaoke and KJ+DJ pages to their own category on our site here

June 30, 2003 9:00 AM CDT
Easier to read results pages
put on the web for the directory using better fonts and link underlines are gone in most internet browsers.  Only the Stage Show and DJ categories are under this new format.  ALL other categories will be put under this soon.
Out-of-State vendors are now NOT mixed in with non-advertisers.  
Order of results on a search will be 
1. Advertisers (in order of $ amount paid monthly and vendor commissions along with rating #)
2. Non-advertisers with an office in the same state as the client request
3. Non-advertisers from out-of-state (limited to about 10 maximum)
(non-advertisers include the free trial members)
Note: In many areas where there are a lot of vendors the non-advertisers may never see their listings on the web directory as customers only browse so far down the page and it wastes bandwidth.

June 30, 2003
Enhanced the phone # section on the request form to filter out 555-1212, 111111,222222222,333333333,4444444,5555555 and other stupid client tricks to get around putting in a phone #.  No, it doesn't dial the number and check if it is valid as some vendors wanted, but this will help a bit.

June 22, 2003 

FREE Trial Members affected.
Changes suggested by vendors were put into place today so that free trial members would mostly be able to preview leads only and not compete so heavily with paid advertisers.  Unlike other sites, they do get a chance to bid on real leads after 72 hours if there are any of the 5 response slots open for that client.

May 6, 2003 
    Added more categories under AV Production
            AV_Production-Recording Studio
            AV_Production-Mobile Recording Studio

May 6, 2003
Added new stage show categories!    You can advertise in the stage show category---click for info

-Professional Entertainment Agent
-National Celebrity Act manager/agent

A Capella Groups-Barbershop Groups
Acrobatic Act-Aerial Dance Act
Animal Acts-Live Animal Entertainers
Big Band Orchestras-Large Choir Groups
Broadway-Cabaret Show
Celebrity Impersonators
Celebrity Impressionists
Cirque Shows-Ribbon Dancers-Contortionists
Circus Show
Comedian-Comic-Famous Expert-Comedy Waiter
Comedy Troupe-Improv
Dance Performers-Tap-Jazz-Hip Hop-Country-Irish
Dueling Piano Players and 1-2pc music acts
Drama Productions-Theatre Shows
Emcee-Master of Cermonies-MC
Fire Performers-Solo and Troupes
Game Shows-Interactive
Hypnotist-Comedy Stage Show
Illusionist-Escape Artist
International-Ethnic Stage Entertainment
Juggler-Comedy Juggler-Plate Spinner-Balancing Act
Karaoke Show-Talent Show-Talent Contest
Mentalist-Mind Reader
Musical Review Show-Nostalgia Act-Vaudeville Act
Pick Pocket Comedy Act
Renaissance Entertainers
Stiltwalker-Uncle Sam-Others
Stunt Shows-Knife Throwing-Sward Swallower
Team Building Events
Theme Shows-Hawaiian-Las Vegas-Mardi Gras-Roaring 20s
Thrill Shows-BMX Bike Show-Motorcycles-Snowboarding
Tribute Show-Tribute Band
Unicycle Act

Z-Other Entertainment (for all other entertainment stage shows)

Check your account for what categories you are signed up for.  |  Add new categories here

May 5, 2003
       We added all new catering categories, ceremony music categories, background music categories
       Use the account management screen to make sure you are in all the right categories

April 15, 2003
        NEW! on the account management screen
        Filter Leads that include a certain word

        Filter Leads by word to exclude 
        Filter Leads based on minimum budget required
        Filter Leads based on minimum or maximum # of guests

Mar 01 2003  LIVE BANDS goes "live" on the web

We added live bands for dancing and for concerts as "live" categories on our website!
The old "Dance Band" general category is no longer in use.  Sign up for the new band categories here

Mar 01 2003 Special Effects categories go "live" on the web site
If you provide fireworks, laser shows, waterscreens, and other special effects sign up here for the new categories

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