Why did a client not book you?  Sales consulting help (free on a time-available basis)

Sales/Selling Help is available on a time-available basis 
Since we have a small staff reserved for this, if we have time, we can try but can't always guarantee free help)

If you are having trouble selling, email us with the following information:
(if you do not track this information below, then do not send a request into us for help as you are not doing the tracking basics needed to get good sales.)

1. The event ID# you are having trouble with
2. What you have done to try to sell this lead:
2a. How many times did you call or email them and when (dates/times)
2b. What did you say in these calls/emails?
2c. What does your website look like? Please include a link to it
3. If you had correspondence with the client, please relay it to us including dates/times and their questions/your responses.
4. When you asked the client who they booked and why they picked them over you, what did they say back?

If you do find out the client booked someone, please ask them "Who did you hire?" and "May I ask why you picked them?"

This way we can analyze what happened to the sale and try to help you do better.

Email all of the above to customerservice@alltimefavorites.com    Subject needs to be Advertiser Sales Help Needed

Thank you.  (C) 2003 All Time Favorites