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"Everything was great. I wished I would have used you in the 12 other markets.
  Thanks."-Charlie (corporate client)

"You have NO IDEA how much I appreciate your service. I'm in the process of booking some shows from your referrals. I hope that you will be able to forward me more in the future as this is a GREAT service!" - Bill Welling

"This has been the most helpful tool, I have everything I need at my 
fingertips and the responses were quick and plentiful. You have one of the 
best websites available and easy to use."-Thanks! Lisa.

We have hundreds of these type of comments from CLIENTS and VENDORS on file.

Photos of where our server is located:

Servers are monitored 24 hours a day with full UPS backup power and climate controlled operations.
No, the whole rack is not ours.  We just want to show you the quality of the server facility we are in.

Our site handles over 20,000 hits per day and over 6 million dollars monthly (event requests) nationwide!

Brian Harrell / lead programmer

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