Helpful checklist for why leads are not selling very well for your business

1. We want you to succeed in booking leads from this system.
2. We have over 20 years selling in the events industry (weddings, corporate, private events)
3. We try to give you all the advice we can (other sites just have you sign up and pay)
4. If you want our sales help individually, (availability subject to # of requests coming in), 
and you have read the tips guide here and read this page for what not to do, 
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If you are having trouble booking leads, please check to see that you are NOT doing anything like is outlined below in "HOW TO KILL A SALE"

HOW TO KILL A SALE   |   How to make sales

These are ways to kill a sale or harm it in such a way that you will not have a very good chance in booking it.  These are based on a review of vendor pitches to the client and client complaints.

1. Excessive Phone Calls: Calling the client 3-5 times a day for 3 days in a row (not blocking your caller ID when calling)
2. Calling and leaving 1 message a day for 3 days in a row is excessive.
3. When you do reach the client, most of what you do is tell them about your company without first asking them what they want in a product/service like yours.
4.  Not timing your communication very well.  If they want one thing, they probably want it now. If they want a whole list of items, it needs more marketing beyond 2 weeks from now.
5. Emailing the client with our computer information subject lines!   Do not email the client a copy of our computer CLIENT DETAILS response as they don't want to read computer jargon.  They want a subject line like "DJ for your wedding August 26, 2004" or similar.
6. Body of an email needs to be personalized, not just a copy of our client details and "come visit my website written at the top"
7. Your website is poorly designed with unclear graphics and/or pop advertisements when you go to the site.

One of the biggest reasons you are not getting the sale AND you are within the client budget and what they need is that you lack the proper sales training.  Please visit a bookstore as they have a huge section on "how to sell" and other sales guides on selling over the phone, dealing with objections, overcoming the low price shopper.   Many vendors are very good at what they do but not very good at communicating it without the sales training of "selling over the phone".