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Frequently Asked Questions for merchants/vendors already listed with us
(new)  How to submit "how to shop tips", keywords, and photos?  Answer
(new) Keywords required for certain categories you have signed up for

Technical support 651-454-1124 x 311

1. Getting Started with your account
    How to request your current password, Vendor ID# and account information?   Answer
    How do I sell the leads I get from you better?  Answer
How do I link to your site from mine? Answer

Advertising Rates
- Enhancing your listings on our site - Linking back to us from your site
    How do I become an advertiser and what are the rates?  Answer | Terms of service
    Additional Advertising Option (Advertising to our vendors - business-to-business) Answer
How do I link to your site from mine? Answer
    How can I move my listing up higher on your pages 
        or get a BOLD listing without being an advertiser?  Answer 
    What do I get if I link to your website from mine?  Answer
    I don't think your leads are for real.  Did you make them up? Answer
    Additional advertising options (business-to-business) Answer

3. Billing Help / Questions?
Where do I send commissions and how much to send if you are on the advertising plan requiring commissions?  Answer
    How to get the rates for advertising? Answer  (more advertising answers above)
Terminating your account? Answer
    Errors in billing contact 800-232-6874 extension zero for priority service

4. Making Changes to your account information and product/service categories
    How do I make changes to my phone #, company address, where leads are sent to? Answer
    How do I change my sales pitch or change my categories?  Answer
    How do I add a new product/service category to my account? Answer
    Why don't we display all of an accounts information when you are in your account?
           The answer is because of hackers - read more here

5. Where to send commissions to us and how much to send us?
Where do I send commissions and how much to send?  Answer

6. I'm having trouble getting access to the leads you send
a. Why was denied access to the lead and I am an advertiser?  Answer
    b. I need to get the details for a lead I was already sent and I have the event ID# Answer

c. How do I get the client name / phone # and details 
         when I lost the original email from you?  Answer

7. Ideas / Suggestions to improve our website and the services we offer clients and vendors
How to submit "how to shop tips", keywords, and photos?  Answer
    How do I submit a new idea to All Time Favorites?  Answer  

8. How can I get my site listed higher on All Time Favorites?
    We reward more points to your account when you help us (see options below)
    (More points = listing you higher on our directory results than others who don't help as much)
    How does your points ranking system work?  Answer
    Ways to get more points and possibly advertising discounts!

Link back to us from your website.  Answer
    a. Help us by letting us know more websites or publications we should be listed in.  
        Email us at customerservice@alltimefavorites.com with suggestions along with your name/vendor ID#
    b. Request to be part of our ATF Bonus Points program where we reward you for answering 
       answering new vendor questions and new client questions using your web browser on 
       our website.  It's easy and the more help you give the more points you get!  More Information
    c. Help us by submitting images or helping create better web pages on our site.  That will help
         assure more clients of the quality of our vendors and website.
         Email us with the message "I want to help create better pages on your site" or similar
         and email to customerservice@alltimefavorites.com 
    d. Help us by submitting "how to shop" tips for your product/service so that new clients to 
        our site can be better prepared when they do fill out our form or contact you.  
        Your tips will to weed out the poor quality competitors in your area/industry also.
        (this feature is coming soon)

9. General Questions
How much does the paid advertising cost?   Answer
How does the free trial membership work?   Answer

10. I need help designing a new website, fixing up my current site or hosting my site.
    How can I get quotes from web professionals?  Answer

11. What is the latest news at All Time Favorites?
    Latest news.  Answer

12. Terms of Service: 
    For all vendors who have signed up here under the free trial 

    For all paying advertisers signed up on this system click here

For any question not answered above:
technical support 651-454-1124 x 311  

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